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How would you like to find a destination that is able to build, customize, or repair all your firearms, sells ammo, firearms, and reloading supplies from all the companies you trust? Visit our shop in Northwest Houston Texas were we are selling 2nd amendment rights for the safety of your family.

Welcome to Lohman Arms, the single destination for all your firearm requirements.

We’re more than just a gun shop. A one-stop gunsmith offering the full range of gunsmithing services, we provide renovation, upkeep, and modifications for specialty guns from the 1800s to the present. This includes custom barrel work, Cerakote, Wood Stock work, Slow rust bluing, color case hardening, gun cleaning, AR upgrades, and more.

Lohman Arms also manufactures custom guns and will work with you on your design.

Our store offers the most complete selection of retail or bulk reloading supplies available. These include gun powders, primers, tools, and more.

Shop Lohman Arms today for rigorous quality in guns, gun parts, and firearm customization.

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